Are wireless earbuds dangerous? Experts warn that Apple’s AirPods could send an electromagnetic field through your brain - as 250 scientists sign petition to regulate trendy tech

  • Tiny wireless Bluetooth headphones fit into the ear canal
  • 250 scientists from over 40 countries have signed a petition to the WHO and UN to warn against radiowave radiation from wireless technologies
  • The close proximity of AirPods to the brain and inner ear may raise cancer risks
  • Little research exists on Bluetooth and its health effects but it also uses radiowave radiation
  • Plus, AirPods talk to one another using a magnetic field that passes through the brain
  • An expert says there is little research on this but ‘can’t imagine it’s all that great for you’

By Natalie Rahhal Deputy Health Editor For

This subject is very real to me and I am happy to see the growing awareness.

Years ago feeling hurt using the tech gadgets I asked my  friend Henriette Alban, ND for advise. She decided to share with us some facts and tips to reduce your exposure:

Cell Phones EMF Radiation and our Health

It is not my intention to sugar coat the facts or tell you merely what you wish to hear. It is important that you be given the research-based data and information for your well-being.