Google Discover offers users a different way to search. Actually, it’s not really search — it’s query-less discovery of content that fits your preferences and interests. It suggests new content based on your search activity and interaction with the Discover app. And it learns what you like, so it can provide even better content the next time you use it. But how can you get your content in Discover?

Google Discover is a mobile experience that lets you discover content you didn’t even know you needed. It is a totally different search experience, meaning the searching is mostly gone. If the system learns enough about you, you can simply keep swiping to keep the fresh content flowing.

What do Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories and Twitter Fleets have in common? They are all so-called social media implementations of the same stories idea. A story is a series of images or others types of content that belong together, and thus, tell a story. Visual storytelling is huge and now the web has an open story format as well. Launched back in 2018 as AMP Stories, Google’s Web Stories are now available in WordPress.

Web Stories are a swipe-able, rich visual storytelling format for use on mobile devices. Web Stories offer a full screen experience that can incorporate every type of content imaginable. In contrast to closed formats like Instagram Stories, Web Stories are open and freely distributed. You can make and publish them on your own site. You own your stories.

Google Discover: What it is and how to get your content in

28 October 2020, Edwin Toonen